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Daily and hourly tickets sales (Cinema)


Simple configurations with a single click.

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The configuration of this product allows customers to book movie tickets to see Eight Last Vasco, selecting both day session where you want to go.

The steps to achieve this would be:

    First, we need to create our product in PrestaShop and change the following settings. The tabs of information and pictures we will add the product information (name, short description, long description and images). From the tab partnerships will include the product to the appropriate category from amounts allow orders and finally, although the price will be set later, from that tab we will indicate the tax we want to add.

    Then we would have to create the product attributes. In this case, we only have two attributes of type drop-down list, which would be the number of children and adults.

    Finally, it's time to add our new product to megaservicios Module from the amounts tab.

Before accessing our product, in the general menu megaservicios, on the tab of hours, we will create four different sessions. To do this, select the time fixed type and add the start time and end time, so we will add many hours as we want for our product sessions.

Once added, will we appear on the list and we will have to click the edit. This configuration is more complex, therefore, we will be divided into different sections based on the tabs that you need to modify:

- Configuration: We selected a displayed calendar, option number is not displayed and you can calculate the price before adding to cart appears. The groups are displayed in Extra Right.

- Attributes: we have given adults a daily price of 3 € from Monday to Sunday.

- Hours: on this tab just add all the hours we created earlier, searching for them by name and indicating the date of start and end. The price will be € 7 regardless of the session that you select.

- Groups: let's add attributes we created earlier on the second point. Both the adult group as the group of children, they will have independent unit and are displayed as a list of numbers. Once we have created, we will add the necessary values ​​of each.


Thanks to MegaServices you have your product ready to start using it.

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Daily and hourly tickets sales (Cinema)

Daily and hourly tickets sales (Cinema)

Simple configurations with a single click.

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