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Daily and hourly ticket sales (Theatre Luces de Bohemia)


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Setting this demo of online ticket sales for theater allows customers to indicate both day session in which they want to book tickets for the theater, appearing an availability calendar so you can see how many entries are free to that day. Single tickets may be bought on weekends since the theater will remain closed on weekdays.

Until this setting, follow these steps:

PrestaShop create the product, modifying some of the options already selected. From the tab associations we will include the product in the category that belongs to him, since price we will indicate the tax we want to add (the price will be set later from the module). Since quantities we will allow orders and information and pictures we will add the title, short description, long description and photographs of our product.
Second, from catalog, we will access attributes and we will create the necessary for this product. In this case, we have created three, collecting tickets, the number of adults and number of children. All are attributes of type drop-down list and with several different values ​​for the client to indicate how you want to receive the tickets you have booked and the number of people who will attend the show.
Finally, we will add our new product to megaservicios Module. To access the product, ie the main menu, in the hours tab, we will create two type fixed time (first session and second session), indicating the start and end of each session.

Once the hours we have created, we will access by clicking edit our product, and we will make changes to each of the following tabs:

- Setting: we want an open calendar, availability and quantity are displayed, and the groups are seen in the Extra Right appears.

- Attributes: price per adult will be higher than the price per child. We need to create two attributes, one attribute will select the children and the adults in another, both of type daily price and giving different prices.

- Hours: let's add that we created earlier and to give them a price per session to each of them, in this case, the price of the sessions will be the same. Service in the box in both sessions, we have indicated that will see 50 entries.

- Days: with the option of disabling days, we have disabled from Monday to Thursday, as the theater will remain open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

- Groups: add all the attributes that we have created in paragraph number 2 and their corresponding values. They will be independent agency, the number of children and adults are displayed as a list of numbers. A child can not go alone, so in adults the minimum selection of entries will be 1. The ticket collection attribute to display as a combo.

This would be the complete configuration of our product. Remember that for this we used


This demo can also be adapted to other demos, such as:


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Daily and hourly ticket sales (Theatre Luces de Bohemia)

Daily and hourly ticket sales (Theatre Luces de Bohemia)

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