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MegaServices allows you to manage the availability of your services easily.

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This configuration allows us to make online reservations for hotel rooms, introduce day start and end of the booking, the number of children and adults, the type of room and board, if crib or not needed, as well as two fields where you enter the name of the person making the reservation and another of them for comments.

Step by step, this would be the configuration of the demo:

We create our product PrestaShop entering the name, short description, long description and images. Since the amounts tab will we allow orders from price indicate the tax we want to add the product (the price will be set later from the module) and associations will indicate to which category.
Second, we will create the attributes we want to have our product. So, we created five (children, adults, room type, type of pension and the need for cradle), they are all type drop-down list, except room type that is type buttons. Each of these attributes contains multiple values.
Finally, we must add our product to megaservicios module from the Catalog tab. Once we've added, we will appear in the list of products, find and edit clicaremos. In each of the tabs we will make the following settings:

- Settings are displayed two calendars displayed, remove the option quantity and allow the price can be calculated before adding to cart. We will also show the availability button, so that customers can more easily see the days that are available.

- Attributes: In this tab there have been several configurations prices. First, you have set the room type, for example, for the single room is created an attribute type of service Monday to Friday with a value of 12 (there are only 12 single rooms available). The other configuration is made for the single room rate of € 100 daily rate. Same has been done with the double and triple.

As for the type of pension, they have set a daily prices that are higher for the full board accommodation only.

Daily prices for adults are higher than for boys, and if you select the option crib, also will have a daily price of 10 €.

- Groups: here we have to add all the attributes that we have created in the second section and their corresponding values. In all of them, on the tab of dependency, we must indicate the independent option and displayed as combo, except for the type of pension that is displayed as a radio button.

They were also added two groups of customization type, one for the name and surname of the person making the reservation and the second for observations.


Now you have your product ready to start using it, all thanks to


This demo can also be adapted to other demos, such as:


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Booking hotel room *****

Booking hotel room *****

MegaServices allows you to manage the availability of your services easily.

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