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Daily and hourly rental (Boat)


You want to spend a special day? Book your boat and feel the freedom to navigate.

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Here we have a product that can be booked for both days or hours, this configuration could also be used for any type of reservation or rental of goods or services. It allows us to indicate what kind of book we want, daily or hourly basis, and the number of adults and children.


The step of this configuration is as follows:

PrestaShop create the product and make the following configurations: add descriptions, images and product name. In associations we indicate which category we want it belongs (in this case we have selected two of them). In amounts we allow money orders and we will select the tax you want to add the product because the price will be set later from the module.

Then we will create the attributes, which are two. The booking type is an attribute of type drop-down list and with two different values; the number of passengers makes no distinction between children and adults and is also type drop-down list.

Now let's add a new product to megaservicios module from the Catalog tab.

Before accessing our product, have created ranges hour from 09:00 to 21:00 every 60 minutes.

Now, we access our product and we will divide the steps into sections so that the configuration easier:

Setting: we want an open calendar, that option is not displayed quantity and the price is calculated before adding our product to cart is displayed.
Attributes: indicated a price range of time from Monday to Sunday from 15 €, however, have also been added different prices depending on whether or not this weekend. The price range of time from Tuesday to Thursday (and therefore will be added to above) is 35 €, from Friday to Sunday will be 40 €. When booking the boat for the full day, you have a fixed price of 50 €, but it will also vary depending on the day, the weekend will be 50 € more expensive.
Hours: we add the hours that we created earlier. To this end, we look for the name we have given, indicate the days and the number of services available for each range.
Days: they have been disabled on Mondays because the service is not available.
Groups: here we add all attributes with their values. We searched by name, depending select the independent option and, in the case of booking type shows such as radio buttons; and the number of passengers and listing of quantities.
Rules: it has created a rule visible only if, we only guy to display the option of hours in case you want to rent for hours and not full day.


Now you have your product ready to start using it. Remember that has been created thanks to the module MegaServices that you can find here.

This demo can also be adapted to other demos, such as:


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Daily and hourly rental (Boat)

Daily and hourly rental (Boat)

You want to spend a special day? Book your boat and feel the freedom to navigate.

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