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Product rental (Costume)


Megaservicios module allows you quick and easy configurations.

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Setting this demo allows you to rent a product for days, selecting the size that the customer needs and can complete the look with the best supplements. You can fit many more products rental business for days or hours.

To achieve this, follow these steps:

First, we will create the product in PrestaShop and various modifications since some configurations are preset by default. Add pictures, name, short description and long description of the product on the tabs of information and images. Associations add the product to its category; in price we indicate the tax we want to add to the price that we will set later from the module and in quantities we will allow orders.
From the Catalog tab, we will create the attributes of our product, which in this case are three (size, if we complete the look with accessories and add-ons that are available). The size attribute type drop-down list will, if we want to complete the look of the radio buttons type and color of accessories / texture type. Within each we create their values, and the add-ons images corresponding to each value.
Then add the product to megaservicios Module from new product catalog. Within each of the following tabs we will make changes:

- Setting: we want two fields with calendar, ie schedules are closed are displayed. We have also configured to display the quantity field and that groups are displayed in the Product Buttons.

- Attributes: here we have limited the number of costumes available for each size, for this, we have created four attributes of such services, one for each size, and we have given a value of 10 (there are 10 costumes of each size available). We have also set the price of accessories, creating three attributes (one for each of the supplements) daily price rate and giving different values.

- Days: we have given a daily price 12 € + guise of VAT from Monday to Thursday and € 15 + VAT for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

- Groups: add all the attributes that we have created in paragraph 2 and their corresponding values. They will be independent agency. The size to be displayed as combo, the complete with accessories like buttons and add-ons such as pictures (we have to give it a width and height to each of the images).


The configuration of this virtual costume shop has been possible thanks to Megaservicios Module.

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Product rental (Costume)

Product rental (Costume)

Megaservicios module allows you quick and easy configurations.

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