Hourly booking (Classic films)


Do you have different events with different fixed dates each? Our module allows you to this configuration in easy steps!

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This demo allows online bookings for movie tickets by selecting number of adults and children for a fixed day. In this case, we have created these classic film with two different sessions on the same day and with three different films.

This would be the step to get the configuration:

PrestaShop create the product, adding the name, short description, long description and product images. Select the tax added in paragraph price (the price will be set once we have added product to Module), in partnership we associate it with its category and from quantities we will allow orders.
The second step would be to create the attributes we want to have our product, in this case will be threefold: adults, children and films, all three are of type drop-down list and have multiple values.
Finally, we will add the product to megaservicios Module. Add a new product and before selecting the tab of hours we will create two type fixed time (first session and second session), indicate the start and end of each.

We select our product and follow the following steps:

Configuration: select the option without calendar because this event has a fixed date, we hide the number and indicate the price before adding to cart is calculated.
Attributes: In this section we have indicated the day we want for each movie. Select the movie title, type default date and the date on which we want the film shown. We do the same with the other films. In this tab we have also set prices; adults will have a daily price (per person) from € 10 + VAT, the children will be 5 €.
Hours: let's add that we have created earlier. We search by title, indicate the date of arrival and departure and the number of services we have available for each session.
Groups: add all the attributes that have created along with their values. For all of them in the dependency field, select the option independently. The attributes of children and adults show as list of quantities and movies as buttons.


We already have our product ready to start using it in the Front Office!

Remember that this configuration is done using the megaservicios module, which can be found here.

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Hourly booking (Classic films)

Hourly booking (Classic films)

Do you have different events with different fixed dates each? Our module allows you to this configuration in easy steps!

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