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Goodbye to long periods of configuration to have availability of hours.

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Thanks to megaservicios Module have achieved this configuration of a pediatric clinic where the patient can select the reason for the consultation, the doctor and the doctor or the day and time of the consultation, and can make reservations online.

For booking you need to enter both your name, age, any observation as a contact number.

To create this demo, the steps are as follows:

1. First, we have to create our product at PrestaShop, indicating the name, short description and long description and images. We will select the tax we want to add in the price tab but the amount we will leave it to zero and later configure from the module. From associations we will be able to add our product to the appropriate category and in quantities we have to allow orders to appear as available.

2. Then we will create the necessary attributes for this demo. Here are two: reason for consultation and doctor / a. Both are drop-down list and type have several different values.

3. Finally, we must add our product to megaservicios module from the Catalog tab.

Before selecting our product, in the general menu megaservicios, in hours, we will create a range of hours depending on the duration of each visit and the workday. In this case, the day is 9-14 and consultations are 20- 40 minutes (depending on the reason for the visit).

Once created the hours, now we will select our product. And we follow these steps:

> Settings: a field with calendar, ie the calendar does not appear deployed. Also here we have indicated that we want all the information appears to us in the Product Buttons.

> Attributes: we will set different time ranges and prices based on the value chosen in the reason for the consultation. You need to create two different attributes for each value; the first of them will be of the price range of time and value that will indicate the price each time range for that value; on the other hand, we have to create value for another attribute that same type of service hours, indicating length of service in the value box.

For example: If you are a new patient, consultation will last 40 minutes (2 ranks) and the price is 50 € (25 € per range).

However, if a medical examination, consultation will last for 20 minutes (only one range) and its price is 30 €.

> Hours: simply we need to add the hours that we created earlier.

> Groups: here we have to add all the attributes that have created and that, therefore, we want to appear in the Front Office. Add the reason for the consultation and the doctor / a and all values ​​are displayed as combo. Also they added four groups of customization type; the name and age of the patient, a contact number and observations, with the first three mandatory.

You can view all versions and upgrades of the module here.

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Book appointment (Medical clinic)

Book appointment (Medical clinic)

Goodbye to long periods of configuration to have availability of hours.

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